Healthcare Division

Medical Consumabls


Acupunch, currettes

Allied Healthcare

Oxygen Regulators & Flowmeters

Clinipak Medical Supplies

CSSD and Theatre Sterile Supplies

Goal Medical

Medical Positioners

Hollister Incorporated

Medical products for ostomy, continence, wound and critical care

Advancis Medical

Wound Care Products

Cura Medical

Absorbable Haemostats


Infection Control Products


CSSD Products

Ideal Healthcare

Anesthesia, Urology, Procedure Set, Infusion & Trasfusion Products

Ahsan Ikram Textile Ltd.

Hospital uniforms and linens

Busse Hospital Disposables

Medical consumables (Custom Kits & Trays)

Ningbo MFLab Medical Instruments

Medical and General Lab consumables

Natus Medical Incorporated

Newborn Care Products and Medical Doppler

Pantaq Ltd.

Medical Consumables

Rovers Medical Devices B.V

Preoperation Disinfection Products

Thompson Surgical

Surgical Instruments

Utah Medical

Electrosurgery & Medical Surgical Consumables


CSSD Consumables fr Sealing Machine

Precision Medical

Respiratory Supplies

Sallis Healthcare

Medical Textiles Products (bandages, hosiery, etc.)

Toffeln Footwear

Healthcare and Nursing Shoes


ECG electrodes, Ultrasound Gel, Gel Warmer, Tissue seal skin adhesive

Therapy Equipment

Medical Suction Regulators, Flow meters, etc.

Sewoon Medical

Wound Drainage System and Urinary Catheters

Top Glove

Medical Gloves

Weaver b Company

Ten200 Conductive Paste , Nuprep0 Skin Prep Gel

Guest Medical

Infection Control Prodcucts Er Medical Trolley

Arasca Medical Equipment

First Aid kits and consumables, Ambulance and Diagnostic Equipments

Medical Furniture

E-life International

Physiotherapy Products


Laundry and Linen Storage

Foshan Shiqi Furniture

Hospital and Office Furniture

Medi-Plinth Equipment Ltd

Plinths, Examination Couch, Stools, and Trolleys

SLE Ltd.

Neonatal Ventilator

Bristol Maid / Hospital Metalcraft

Bariatic Trolleys, Examination/Treatment Couches and Chairs, etc.

Hupfer Metallwerke GmbH

Sterilization Trolleys, cabinets and baskets

Plasti Products

Sharp Contianers

Carbonlite Medical Technology

Portable IV Stand, Limb Supports, Chair and Stool

Elakeside Healthcare

Utility and Medical Treatment Carts

Medical Master

Hospital beds, ward furnitures, stretchers and trolley, wheel chairs and walking aids

Talley Group

Air Mattress / DVT Pump


Glove Box Holder, IV Stands, Narcotic Cabintes, etc.

Medical Equipments

Adam Equipment

Laboratory, commercial and industrial scales

Criticare Technologies

Patient Monitoring Devices & Consumables

International Biomedical

Transport Incubators, Blood Gas and Glucose Monitor, Infant Care Resuscitators

Mac Medical

Warming Cabinets & Stainless Steel Products

SLE Ltd.

Neonatal Ventilator


Cardio-respiratory diagnostic devices, etc.

Bon Optic

Ophthalmology Equipments

Derungs Licht AG

Medical Lightings

LMT Medical Systems

MR Diagnostics Incubator System

PHC Holding Corp. (Panasonic Healthcare Corporation)

Refrigerators, Freezers and Incubators


Noninvasive Patient Monitoring Device

Ventilators Plus

Spare Parts and Accessories for Medical Ventilators

Instrument Technology, Inc

Boroscope, Fiberscope, Videoscope

Limbs & Things

Medical simulation and medical training models

Par Aid Medical

Neonatal & Adult Transport Trolley

Vascular Technology

Disposable Doppler and Tissue PH Monitors

Weinmann Medical

Medical Suction Pump

Medical Laboratory Dental Equipments

Branson Ultrasonics

Material joining and cleaning solutions

Shinhung Implant System

Dental Stainless Steel Crown

Custom Biogenic Systems

Lab Equipement & Consumables

Grant Instruments

Stirred thermostatic baths & circulators, Squirrel dataloggers

IKA Laboratory Equipment

lab equipments( magnetic stirrers, shakers , lab software etc....)

Thomas Scientific

Laboratory Equipments and Supplies

Zhejian Medical Plastic

Pipette, Test Tubes, Centrifuge/ Freezing Tubes, Petri Dish


Medical & Laboratory Supplies

BMS K Group

Laboratory Equipment and Blood Bank Instruments

Esco Global

Biosafety & PCR cabinets, Fume Hoods

Henry Schein

Dental Equipments

Micros Austria

Microscopes, microtomes and disposable blades

Wuxi Nest Biotechnology

Cryo Boxes, laboratory glasswares

Henry Schein

Dental consumables

Brannan Thermometers

Glass thermometer and pressure gauge

Glasswarenfabrik Karl Hecht

Laboratory Glassware

Hirschmann Laborgerate GmbH

Laboratory glass, Volumetric measuring instruments, micro plates

Superior Marienfield

Laboratory Equipment & Consumables


Nano Clean Contamination control Solutions

Design and installation of GMP Laboratory & Pharmacy Clean room


BSC Validation and Maintenance